5 days 24 hours trading opportunities
Forex markets are ready for your service 5 days 24 hours for you to perform transactions as you wish. You can turn ordinary market conditions into opportunities in the forex markets, which are described as the non-sleeping market.

Bidirectional Trading Option

You can benefit from both the decrease and increase of the prices in Forex transactions. In other words, you can earn profit by both buying currency pairs (by having a position in the direction of ascent) or selling (by having a position in the direction of decline).

Global Market and High Liquidity

High Liquidity: Forex trading volume is higher than all other markets depending on the number of participants. The daily transaction volume, which is set to be 5.5 -7 trillion dollars in the previous term, continues to increase day by day. These huge volumes increase the market credibility by preventing the manipulation of the market.

Ease of Access

Ease of access: The Forex market is easily accessible from anywhere with Internet connection. In addition, have recently with smartphone applications, it’s been easier to reach both the analysis / comments and the market. Thus, it is possible to make profit from price movements with the possibility of giving orders at any time.

Low-Cost Transactions

Trading Without Commission: In the Forex market where no commission is requested for the actions, the intermediary institution earns profit from only the difference between the purchase and sale prices (spread).

Wide Product Range

Thanks to its wide product range, it is possible to invest in currency units, commodity groups such as gold, silver, oil and in the world stock markets.

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