Investors who want to invest in Forex, the world's largest market, can evaluate their investment in LordFX. You can start trading in the forex markets by opening a real account, and you can start to gain profits by directing your investments.


Leverage: It is the multiplier effect that the investor can trade at a certain rate of its own capital. It is the figure showing how much the purchasing power of the principal will increase.

Spread : The difference between the purchase price and the selling price. The commission paid to the relevant organization for the transaction concerned.

Pip: It express the smallest price change of a currency pair.

Lot: The standard unit amount of a transaction. For Forex trading, 1 lot is equal to the position size of EUR / USD 1.15400 times 100000 115400 dollars.

Purchase Price (Bid) : It is the price that the relevant intermediary institution will sell at the current price for the instrument concerned.

Sale Price (Ask) : It is the price that the relevant intermediary institution can buy at the current price for that financial instrument.

Appreciation : It is called the strengthening of the price of a currency, commodity, index or crypto money.

Loss of Value : It is called a decrease in the price of a currency, commodity, index or crypto money.

CFD : It is the contract for differences that allows the agreement to be concluded on the market without having to take the related financial instrument physically. Expectations regarding the price of the product are traded in these contracts.

Commodity : It is the name given to the group composed of the products which are traded in the market and are among the commercial goods group. Soy, wheat, sugar, oil and many other raw materials are traded in markets as commodities.

Valor : It is the name given to the process of physically exchanging as a method of a transaction with a mutual agreement.

Futures : They’re the transactions of which the contract is determined about the value (currency, interest, commodity), by directly determining the term, amount and price, that will be delivered after the spot transaction date.

Expert Advisor: It is the name given to the automated trading systems on the Metatrader trading platform. Automatic trading is possible without being connected to the data terminal.

Regulation : Supervision will be performed.

Daily Trade : It’s opening / closing position transactions conducted during the day.

Scalping: It is the freedom to buy in the shortest possible time without any limitation in the related financial instrument.

Hedging : It is the process of taking the opposite position in the same financial instrument without closing the open position. The goal is a strategy implemented with the instinct to insure protection against the risks that may arise in the market.

Swap: At the end of the day, the overnight transportation cost is the interest rate that occurs when the position left open (for more than 24 hours). Depending on whether the position is long or short, it can be either plus or minus swap.

Commission: The transaction cost collected by the relevant intermediary institution for the transaction.

Margin : It is the amount of collateral that should be included in the account in order to be able to open a transaction and to maintain the existing transaction.

Margin Call : Additional funding demand for the poor performance of a transaction against the investor. As an alternative to additional fund demand, the investor has the option to close one or more positions.

Short-Sell : It is the investor's sale position for any financial instrument by selling. The short-sell is the position taken with the expectation of depreciation for the relevant instrument.

Long-Buy : It is the investor's purchase position for any financial instrument by purchasing. The long-buy is the position taken by predicting the price increase for the relevant financial instrument.

Net Position : The difference between the sum of the buying positions and the sum of the sales positions.

Cross Setup : Exchange rate among the currincies except American Dolar.

Take Profit : The point that the profit realization is realized.

Stop Loss : Loss stopping point. It is a point of closing the relevant position with a certain damage.

Bear Market : It is the market where the market is dominated by the decreasing trend of prices.

Bull Market : It is the market where the market is dominated by the increasing trend of prices.

Sustainable Guarantee: Due to the daily price changes in the market, maintaining the updated collateral amount and the lowest required level.

Stop-Out : With the insufficient coverage of sustainable collateral, it is the process by which the intermediary institution closes the open positions of the investor starting from the position that has the most loss.

Liquidity : The ability of any financial instrument to be converted into cash within a short period of time.

Volatility : It is the indicator obtained by standard deviation measurement of the changes in market prices at a certain time interval. High volatility means high risk as the result of uncertainty in the market is reflected in prices.

Balance : It represents the last account value. Open positions are not taken into account regardless of profit or loss.

Equity : It is the sum of the results of the unused capital, or the free margin, and the open positions. The result of closing open positions shows how much balance will be in the

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